6 Things You Need To Do If You Stay At Home

Since Suzanna was born four years ago, I have been mostly a stay at home mom. I went back to work for a while, but we decided everything was better when I was home with the kids. I love being able to stay home with our babies, getting to spend time with them, teach them, and run our household!

About a year and a half ago, I began doing some legal nurse consulting work from home. Last year, we were growing and have made a true business out of it. Which is great! I think staying home with children is tonssss of work, but when you add in running a business and doing some serious nursing work— boy did I get good at organization and productivity fast!

Being home all of the time presents it’s own set of challenges. During my time at home I have learned it’s super easy to get into a rut- to feel down, disorganized, and unproductive. I wanted to share some of the most helpful things I’ve done to keep myself in routine and feeling positive. Whether you are a stay at home mom, work from home, retired, or whatever- this can help you!

  1. Wake up before the kids. I know, I knooooow. Nobody wants to sleep more than a tired mom. I have found if even I can get up 30 minutes before my sweet monsters, I have time to get ready for the day, DRINK COFFEE, mentally prepare, do my Bible study, do a few chores, MORE COFFEE, set breakfast out, etc.

  2. Quiet time with God. You can read all the books, blogs, motivational quotes, but if you don’t earnestly study your Bible and pray- your life will remain in shambles. You can’t get anything together until you get together with God. And I’m preaching to myself here! It’s easy to put this on the back burner, but sister! This needs to be the first burner lit.

  3. Make yo bed. I haven’t always been an avid bed maker. I used to let it go. What’s the point?! When I started making my bed, I felt like it was a good, productive start to the day that made me feel organized and ready to take on more. Leaving it unmade felt messy and made me feel chaotic all day. I know it sounds silly, but it works! And it only takes two minutes.

  4. Have a solid routine. I thrive on routine and predictability. It may sound boring and un-adventerous, but that’s me and I’m proud of it! There are studies (not cited here though, I could find them if you really wanted) that show children also thrive on routine, it gives them a sense of security. I like to follow a loose routine with set meal, sleep, and activity times. This gives me times to clean, run the business, QT with the kids, cook, etc.

  5. Have a to do list. My fav! Nobody loves a good list like I do. I could make a list of lists I need to make. But for reaaaaal, a daily (or weekly) to do list gives you direction and sets pace. I get a huge sense of accomplishment when I’m able to check something off.

  6. Have quiet time. At some point during your crazy busy day, make sure there is some you time in there. Whether it’s reading a book, binge watching Netflix, exercise, bubble bath, whatever- DO IT. Don’t make yourself the last priority. You have to care for yourself mentally so you can care for anyone or anything else. For me, this is after the kids go to bed. My fav time of the day! Joking....sorta. :)

I am far from perfect, Lord knows I don’t have it all (or much) together. BUT Applying these strategies to my everyday life has helped me feel more positive and productive so I hope they can help you, too!

Drop a comment and tell me what has helped you while staying at home (or just mom-I get in general)

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