Dear Tired Mom

Dear Tired Mom,

I see you. I see you wandering around the store, babies and toddlers in tow. I see your messy bun, dark circles, and quickly applied makeup. I see you struggle with your beautiful, plump belly, wondering how you will manage to raise a child in this world. I see you at church, trying to calm your whining child, glancing around to see if anyone is staring. I see you fretting over your child’s decisions, wishing you could change their minds. I see your haste, worry, and strain. I see the struggles. I see them because I deal with them too.

But I also see the love. The love in your eyes as you wipe that messy mouth. The care with which you discipline your child. The endless affection as you go through normal life raising these humans when you feel like you haven’t finished growing yourself. I see you pour your time and attention into the loves of your life, simultaneously feeling that you’re losing your own self. Losing who you are or were, losing your mission in life. There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t feel incompetent, like you have failed in some small or big way.

I just want to tell you that although you are tired, you are wrong. You aren’t losing yourself. You aren’t failing at motherhood. You are enough. You are doing a good job. Nobody is perfect, certainly not mothers. You will find your way and you will find yourself. You don’t have to lose yourself because you are a mom. The beautiful thing about motherhood is that you morph into a new self. You are growing into a changed one. A woman that is more compassionate, stronger, more aware of the beauty and love that life has to offer.

So, tired mom, it’s OK. I know you feel like your world is turned upside down, but it is turning right side up, little by little. And as it does, although you may not be aware, you are becoming the strongest you.


This Tired Mom

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