Easter Cakes

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Easter was definitely different this year. Although I missed my church family and the "Traditions" our culture has for Easter, I honestly enjoyed the solitude of this holiday. We didn't have to worry about our pretty dresses, or makeup being just right. We didn't have to wrestle our children into frills and ruffles. We didn't have to rush from one house to the next. We just got to BE. And take the time to reflect on what this holiday is about.

The Resurrection of Jesus.

I was blessed to bake some cakes for some wonderful people to celebrate this holiday.

This is a two tiered (each tier has three layers). It is a from scratch classic white with homemade buttercream frosting. I enjoyed getting to do the naked iced technique. With this technique, you get to see the beautiful caramelization on the edges of the cake. (Don't worry, there is still plenty in the middle and on top ;)) The floral decor and speckled eggs were one of my favorite designs.

Speckled Egg Cake. Okay so this is one of my favorite cakes of all time. Pictures just don't do it justice. Not only is the frosting my favorite color, doing the speckling technique was super fun! You can see a video of this cake being decorated here. I love the speckling of the frosting in addition to the speckled eggs on top. I just love this cake.

This is one of my most popular cakes. People love it! And I can't say I blame them --- its gorgeous! It was so much fun to make, and just look at those purple roses. The best part of this cake miiiiiight be whats in the middle. There's also a decorating video here.

It is a triple layer from scratch strawberry cake, with fresh strawberries in the middle! Eek! Classic Homemade Buttercream. I can also do this cake with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting!

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