How I Got My Name

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

It’s a question I’ve had asked before, often. I know the name I chose for this business isn’t the most traditional name for a bakery. I’ve had lots of questions about what it means and how I came up with it. If you’ve read my previous post about how I began baking then you’ll know that being a professional baker wasn’t my plan. In fact, I never had a business plan.

I became an online presence through my blog, which I created only to reach out to others with encouragement, sharing articles about our life and how God was working. I wanted others, women particularly, to know that they aren’t alone in our little section of the world. That while our social skills decrease and our social media presence increases, things aren’t always as they seem.

You see, I know that I feel pressure to look great, have the perfect family, maintain a clean house, an impressive career, be ALL THE THINGS. I also realized I’m not alone. We all feel that pressure to put our best self out there and act like we have it all together. It’s EXHAUSTING. And I thought, “Why do we do it?” I know there can be a big long complicated answer to this question involving our current culture along with Pinterest and Instagram (I still love those by the way). So my goal was to reach and encourage others that we are in this world together. We can support each other. We can show our true faces. We are not in competition.

Through many days of brainstorming, the name “Faith, Trust, & A Little Dust” really resonated with me. It embodied my goal, my life really. I’m just a woman, striving to do my best, trying to grow in my faith, trust God, yet I still (& always will!) have a little dust. I’m not perfect, nothing about my life is perfect. My house isn’t the cleanest, I’m not the slimmest I’ve ever been, I don’t have a rockstar career, my kids are monsters some days. . . I have a little dust! And you do, too. And that’s fine. Great, even.

You see, God can use dust. He formed mankind from the dust of the Earth (Genesis 2:7). I think He may even like it. :)

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