I've Got Full Hands

One of my kid's favorite (and cutest) saying is, "I've got full hands!" They usually exclaim this if they're carrying one or two (not that impressive) things. I'm sure it stems from me saying, "my hands are full" when they ask me to carry or do something for them.

Jonah said this the other day as we were loading into the van to do a cake delivery. It has been a very busy week for us. There were so many cake and cookie orders (I am super grateful) but it added some chaos to our week. I felt like I was juggling everything at once, and something was bound to get dropped (hopefully not a child).

I don't know about you, but when I am overwhelmed and stressed I get downright hateful. Grumpy. Not fun to be around. And I know I do this. I feel myself getting this way. I don't even wanna be around myself! So when Jonah said this cute thing, I was thinking while driving at how true it is. Most of us DO have full hands. We have hands full of:


social life

serving in some capacity

keeping a tidy home

preparing meals

staying fit

having quality time with each member of your family

seeing extended family




to-do lists

kid's activities

school work

I mean, I could go on. You know it! I know it! We all know it. We. Are. So. Busy. Our hands are beyond full! The pressure women feel to build a strong career, keep an HGTV worthy home, do Pinterest-inspired crafts, be the best wife is INSANE. Yall. We can't do it all perfectly. Nobody can. Why do we put this burden on ourselves?

Unpopular opinion, but I have found some beauty in this quarantine. Hear my heart when I say there is nothing good about illness and death. That isn't what I mean. The beauty I see is within the home in which we all may currently feel "trapped". So much of our "busy-ness" has been stripped away due to the primitive fact that we are safer at home for now. We are stripped down to the basics. And I kind of love it.

My family and I have spent so much time just playing outside. We have had quality family game nights, movie nights. We miss our family. We miss our church family. We miss our friends. But I am choosing to see the beauty in this. I am choosing to focus on the blessings God has given me.

Yes, my hands are full. My life (even now) is kinda chaotic. But you know what else is full? My heart. It overflows with thanksgiving and blessings beyond anything I deserve.

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