Sweet Treats

I decided to do one post dedicated to a few of the yummy treats I have made recently. It's been a busy week here! I was thinking of doing a few recipe videos, comment on which you'd love to see!

This is a FOUR LAYER FROM SCRATCH STRAWBERRY CAKE WITH FRESH STRAWBERRIES BETWEEN EACH LAYER! Did you just read that yelling in your brain? BECAUSE I TYPED IT YELLING IN MINE. Can you tell I'm excited about this cake? It's just delicious!

Ugh, this cupcake. I could go on about this cupcake. We have a special relationship. One of my specialty cupcakes, I like to call this, Oreo Attack. Because it just attacks your taste buds. Yes. I know I'm corny. And yes, it's true. Don't believe me? Try one. This is no ordinary chocolate cupcake. Crushed Oreos are incorporated into the batter to give you that true Oreo flavor, with a bit of a crunch. Divine! And one more surprise ingredient? Coffee! This cake is a rich, moist, dense oh-so-dark chocolate cake. It is soooooo good!

The Buttercream? I could write an entire post on it! It is a spin on a traditional American Buttercream, with chunks of Oreo mixed in. I could eat the whole bowl. I might have.

This is a classic white with my from scratch buttercream. Yum! I love these colors and huge roses!

Another fan favorite! My second most requested cake. A homemade yellow cake with chocolate buttercream. It is so so so good. I want one now. The chocolate buttercream is so rich, sweet, and chocolate-y - truly the best frosting I've ever had. And how gorgeous is this simple cake?!

Another one of the most popular items! This is because it's not only beautiful and delicious, but you get to make memories with your family. This is an Easter decorating box, it comes with a dozen homemade sugar cookies, sprinkles, and three bags of colored homemade buttercream. So many happy kiddos tried this box this Easter!

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