To The Determined Young Woman

To The Determined Young Woman,

Maybe you are in high school, trying to plan your future. Or in college, attempting to navigate this newfound freedom. Perhaps you are working a job that you aren't so sure about. I know you feel isolated, worn out, and conflicted. It probably feels like you are alone. Nobody understands. Nobody gets it. Gets you. Your dreams, your passions, your responsibilities.

I want you to know that I've been there. So have most of us. You aren't alone. We have all been in that precarious divide, on the cusp of adulthood; grasping at the straws of childlike naivety, simultaneously craving ripe independence. You don't understand where all this pressure came from. Pressure to perform well, get good grades, look beautiful, have a healthy body, be social, be a good girlfriend, make your parent's proud. You work so hard, yet you feel like you are running in place. I can see that it feels crushing at times. Maybe even crushing to the point of self destruction.

I see your anxious eyes, overwhelmed with decisions waiting to be made. The expectation you feel to make life shaping choices is like a weight around your neck. I see how determined and brilliant you are, truly! Set on changing the world. Resolved to make something of yourself. To not be a disappointment. To fulfill other's dreams of you. To make your own dreams come true.

Your heart longs for something. Maybe its the career of your dreams. Maybe its your one real love. Sweet friend, I want to encourage you. There is nothing wrong with these things. But I also want you to hear my heart, there is something better for you: instead of working, pushing, worrying, and stretching yourself; instead of waiting for the perfect life you envision; instead of waiting on that ONE perfect job or that ONE adoring man, find the One. The One who can set you free. The one who is WAITING and longing for YOU. Find Jesus.

Find Jesus and run to Him. Don't run hard after everything the world says you have to do, run hard after Jesus! Cling to Him in the chaos, He will carry you through every obstacle.

Sweet young woman, you don't have to feel alone. I am here. Your mom is here. Your dad, aunt, grandparents, siblings, or friends. But most of all Jesus is here, and he is ready to take the reins on your life.

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